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They are semi-sentient, capable of limited speech and some simple operations - like weapon handling and participation in productive activities.

Due to the lack of self-awareness, Uul obey the adult Griks - known as Hij - without questions, and serve as the main military and working force of Grik society.

Every other society or species they regarded within the framework of "hunter/prey" model, where the Griks themselves are "hunters".

The societies, that are unable to withstand the Grik onslaught are considered "prey" and subjected to extermination.

The characters names are in both Chinese and dialect (if any) romanization. F 3 Episode 6)National Serviceman Jay Tan Lai Kit (陈来吉) Jess's ex-boyfriend Comes from a single-parent family Won Best Soldier award Has a violent streak Armed with an M16 rifle and eight 5.56mm bullets Took Huang Zhijie and six others hostage in a fashion outlet Killed by STAR when he was about to kill Zhijie (Deceased - episode 1)Zhou Zhiheng's student at the care centre 356's triad member Daxiong, Ivan, Jeffery and Jiang Yongzhe's friend Raped and kidnapped by Max in episode 10 Witnessed Chen Yanjun calling to Stanley at Red Dragon KTV in episode 15Businessman/Taxi driver Lau Zhen Wei Chen Yuqi's husband Liu Yun En's father Sun Xiuqing's client Had a one-night stand with Sun Xiuqing Involved in Sun Xiuqing's homicide case Cleared of suspicions as he was found beating the red light at a Chai Chee Street junction when Sun Xiuqing was at a Bukit Timah petrol station Went gambling and borrowed money from loansharks after being sacked Died after being robbed and stabbed by Gao Jinming (Deceased - 15 June 2013)Housewife Wei Lantian's ex-wife Liu Zhenwei's wife Liu Yun En's mother Suspect in murder of Liu Zhenwei Diagnosed with severe depression in episode 14 Unintentionally harmed Lantian while trying to get him back from Zhijie in episode 18, and is hospitalized again Member of the support group Property agent/investment consultant Cindy Sng Xiu Qing Body found decomposed during the "Double Jeopardy" raid Had a one-night stand with Liu Zhenwei Murdered by Ou Weiren after she found out about his affair (Deceased - 8 February 2013)Situ Yan's son 356's triad member Coco, Daxiong, Ivan and Jeffrey's friend Went into hiding after "raping" Coco Turned himself in to the police in episode 10 Arrested in relation to Don's attack in episode 11 Sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment (Jailed - episode 14)Drug peddler and harasser Jen's ex-boyfriend Tracy, Stacy and Cassie's boyfriend Matthew's brother Accused Tang Yaojia for getting into a fight with him and Jen to nearly fall off the block, when it should have been the other way round Tried to take Jen away with Matthew after she reported him to the police (Arrested - episode 17)Goh An Xing Ex-convict, works at a horse stable Caused the death of Huang Zhiqing Chen Yanjun's patient Killed by Chen Yanjun when he found out Yanjun used the same modus operandi to kidnap Zhou Xiaoru (Deceased - episode 18)Primary school student Ng Tze Qing Huang Zhijie's elder sister Huang Huaxiong and Lin Limei's elder daughter Taken by Wu Anxing while playing hide-and-seek with Zhijie, and is killed (Deceased - 22 years ago) C.

SSI Ng Tze Keat Officer-in-charge Team C of Special Investigation Section (SIS) Yanjun's ex-girlfriend Lantian's girlfriend In love with Lantian and married him in the end Younger version portrayed by 谢凯欣Main Villain Psychiatrist Chan Yin Kwun/Chan Yin Kwan Serial kidnapper-cum-murderer; pedophile Zhijie's ex-boyfriend Valerie, Ou Weiren, Liu Zhenwei, Chen Yuqi and Wu Anxing's psychiatrist Caused the deaths of Zhou Xiaoru, Su Jiajia, Stanley and Wu Anxing Kidnapped Dai Donghua and Wei Lantian Shot by Huang Zhijie while tussling with Wei Lantian (Deceased - C.

Their natural predatory aggressiveness - probably artificially increased by the centuries of selection - lead them to react with hostility against any other species.

However, Griks are mostly isolationists; their empire expanded slowly in a millennia-long series of large-scale invasions and then almost complete lack of external activity.

Xin Yi becomes worried her sister Jen is hanging out with the wrong crowd when Jen becomes a suspect in one of Yew Jia's cases. Pierre Png won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role "Highly Commended" award.Keat's memory of her own sister's disappearance and murder returns to haunt her during a series of kidnapping-cum-murder investigations and the similarities in modus operandi leads her to suspect the same perpetrator has returned. It also clinched 1 out of 5 awards for the Star Awards, the Top Rated Drama Serial in 2013.Meanwhile, a dashing young psychologist (Pierre Png) Tse Keat and Lantian befriend is not all he seems. The series is co-sponsored by Gain City, Sheng Siong Supermarkets and Gold Roast Coffee. In response, Media Corp commissioned a second season, again in collaboration with the SPF, and filming began at the end of September. Prior to filming, it was confirmed that Tay Ping Hui and Tracy Lee will not be returning and Rui En, Pierre Png and Li Nanxing will join the cast. The officers from the different branches at Tanglin Police Division work together to tackle all sorts of cases ranging from misdemeanours such as theft to more major cases such as violent crime, elaborate scams and prostitution. The series is the highest-rated drama serial in 2013, with an average viewership of 901,000, beating the record set by It's a Wonderful Life (with 835,000). When her long-time colleague and forensics expert Lantian (Li Nanxing) challenges her to meet someone as a speed-dating event, not wanting to lose the wager, she accepts.

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