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These created that sound-dampened hotzone peculiar to the theatre.Large, formless chambers adjoined the dressing rooms.Time speeds up and chunks of my life are amputated in the painless stupor of repetition.Once, aboard an airplane, I suddenly became aware that I was above the Sahara desert. It was almost as if I awoke one day to find my life cluttered with the presence of these places. I have become haunted by the notion of places which do not truly exist.

Countries across whose skies I have slept, like a ghost or a drowsing god. In my dreams I will be on an airplane with every person I have ever met.

The imagery on the card indicates a tower whose crown has been struck off by an unanticipated bolt of lightening. I once spent a year in the sweat lodge of an actor’s life.

The tower stands in a desolate and forbidding landscape. This gruelling year culminated in a series of performances in an airless basement theatre sequestered below the city’s grand opera house.

Out there in the actual world, I was falling across the sky.

But the desert had effectively been amputated from my perception.

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The enormous immediacy of it became suddenly monstrous against the stasis of the long cabin and its capsuled food.

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