Hidden cameras having sex

Because there are safety issues at hand, hospitals are allowed to install security cameras in patients’ rooms.Fujitsu even developed a camera that can recognize when a patient sits up or even has a restless night’s sleep.Pro tip: Focht said that phone companies usually have fraud departments to deal with stolen services.Immediately let the department know what is going on, and then follow up with a letter.

Once the credit cards are in place, fraudsters can run up a lot of debt.

(No joke: One school even found a ghost on camera.) While you might be unsurprised (and relieved!

) to see cameras watching entrances and hallways, you might not realize just how many cameras some schools have.

(At your own house, learn these 20 secrets home security companies won't tell you.) The chance of someone breaking those rules are rare, but you can still keep an eye out when you’re traveling.

Look out for holes in devices like alarm clocks and smoke detectors, or in objects you don’t always see in hotel rooms, like bouquets of flowers, security expert Chris Falkenberg recommends to CBS News. Focht said that fraudulently obtaining credit cards is by far the most common SSN scam that he sees in his practice.

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