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Dean i Sam od dzieciństwa przygotowywani byli do misji, która stanowi sens ich życia. Teraz Sam chce studiować prawo, żyć spokojnie i normalnie.I tak się dzieje do chwili, kiedy jego starszy brat, Dean (Jensen Ackles), zjawia się z niepokojącymi wiadomościami: ich ojciec, człowiek, który od 22 lat walczył ze złem, zniknął.As it happens, Lil Sas has been watching them for some time and unlike both of them, Evil Genus' mind probes have no effect on him. We can acknowledge that Missy and Ben are approximately the same age. This ability to thwart Evil Genus allows Sasquatch to travel unhindered and unafraid. Aby go odszukać i pomóc ludzkości pokonać złe siły, bracia muszą ścigać to, na co on polował...a Sam będzie zmuszony powrócić do życia, które, miał nadzieję, na zawsze zostawić za sobą.In episode 28, entitled "Somebody's Watchin' Me", Dad falls from a tree and Lil'Sas reveals himself to Mary (offscreen, while Dad lay unconscious) and subsequently rebuilds Mary's garden. Later in that same episode, Mary and Dad are seen discussing the new garden.

We learn from Mary that Lil'Sas, who is a baby and can not speak, has told her (through sand drawings) that "evil people in helicopters" put him in a cage, forcing him to learn how to read and how to comprehend spoken English. To eventually replace his father, who is being forced to participate in Lax Jerk Cooked Pork commercials. Mary and Dad's Minecraft Adventures is a "Minecraft dramatization" that tells the story of two travelers stranded on an island.After washing up on a reef and getting to shore, Mary and Dad must struggle with the elements, their future and ultimately, the dark secret that led them to the island in the first place.Little Sasquatch - Lil'Sas--or his "point of view" more precisely--first appears in episode 27.A heretofore unknown being takes EG and Splice by surprise and moves from the central portion of the map, through the mysterious bedrock wall and out into the "dirt coffin" where Mary and Dad have been in a long-lasting hallucination that fills the gap between season two and season three.

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