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Women have been horribly misled to believe that hired help is a satisfactory substitution for a mother's love, time, and attention (child-care).

Do women also believe that hired help is a satisfactory substitute for them in their husband's bed.'cause they're too tired to be intimate and see it as an unreasonable burden?

You say women should assess what is valuable and what is vulnerable in their marriage. Woman Power is my contribution to the ground swell of interest women have had in recognizing that they had extraordinary power to transform their marriages almost over night.

Women wrote to me by the thousands, asking for more to read, think about and do to improve their lives and their marriages.

Frankly, for the most part, men break their backs trying to make their women happy - when they get little in return outside of criticism, nagging, and dismissal of their needs, they tend to withdraw.

Any woman has the power to turn around her husband's seeming waning interest by attention to : affection, approval, and appreciation.

When men or women make their work their top priority and become hostile to the normal, natural needs of their children and spouse - obviously, something is wrong.

It takes the concepts in PCFH and brings them even more alive through a combination of reading, workbook exercises and assignments (of observation, analysis and conversation), and journal opportunities to further each woman's journey to maximize her depth of appreciation of a man-woman relationship.You say that women have lost touch with their "special power" and what it means to be a woman.What is that "special power" How did women loose it?There is a certain security that comes in knowing he can support her when she desires to create a home atmosphere (as opposed to a hotel room everyone converges to at night) and stay home and raise the children full or part time.There are usually increased marital problems when the woman is the primary breadwinner - it too often ends up in the man being treated with less respect.

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