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He is currently looking for a larger place in order to accommodate more dolls — he’d like to have as many as six.After a tough time dating real women, and one particularly bad breakup, Davecat decided to look into dolls on a friend’s suggestion.The entire apartment is a cozy little love nest where Davecat’s intimate interactions take place.He wanted to live with more than one doll in order to create a balance among the various types on the market.“I’d always been keen on the idea of artifice, particularly humanoid robots,” he explains.

He enjoys sex with her tremendously, but also feels that he is helping her discover her own sexuality.

“Only my elder daughter expressed an objection to the dolls,” says Terry.

“Now when she, her husband, and the grandchildren come to visit, they just ignore her as though she were part of the furnishing, a statue or a work of art.” Terry is part of a community of men who call themselves i Dollators, and who link together through groups around the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe.

“It is better to select a preference that you like, rather than trying to adjust yourself to something you are not keen on,” he explains with assurance.

Davecat chose this lifestyle after a few failures with human women. They’re never judgmental or dismissive, and they are always pleasant to come home to,” he explains.

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