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A school was set up, a government established, and the Indians were encouraged to convert to Christianity.In November 1675, during King Philip's War, the Natick Indians were sent to Deer Island.He looks several years older, with grey slicked back hair and his brown eyes changes to a grey-blue.

The land was granted by the General Court, part of the Dedham Grant.

The Massachusetts Cultural Council voted unanimously Tuesday, August 21, 2012 to make Natick Center one of the newest state-designated cultural districts, the tenth district to win this designation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Cultural Districts Initiative is designed to help communities attract artists and cultural enterprises, encourage business and job growth, expand tourism, preserve and reuse historic buildings, enhance property values, and foster local cultural development.

They were called Praying Indians – Natick was the first and for a long time served as the center of Eliot's network of praying towns.

While the towns were largely self-governing under Indian leaders, the praying Indians were subject to rules governing conformity to English Puritan culture (in practice Natick, like the other praying towns, evidenced a combination of traditional and English culture and practices).

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